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About us

AGRILAB is a team of experts, who have international experience in innovative technologies and efficient agricultural management, that laconically combines professional skills and advanced agronomic practices.

A flexible team of specialists and experts is formed to provide a farmer with customized services. Our assistance helps you better understand your field productivity, gives you the confidence to make better agronomic decisions, and sets the foundation for a profitable precision agriculture strategy.


  • Practical agronomic experience in employing precision agriculture recognized by the international experts.
  • Complex products, flexible selections of services, and customer follow up.
  • The team of Ukrainian and international agroexperts (from Europe, the USA, Canada, etc.).
  • Partnership with the well-known Ukrainian and international agrolaboratories and research centers.
  • Versatility. Adapted European and American technologies and standards.
  • Instruments and tools for field and crop productivity assessment and agrotechnologies to maximize management zone potential.