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Vоlоdymyr Bubnov, deputy director of “Agrocultura Mostyska” (Lviv region)

«Agrocultura  Mostyska» – one of the largest agricultural companies in Lviv region. Its land fund – about 15,000 hectares. Today, the company successfully grows soybeans. However, there were preceded by several failed attempts. The сompany couldn’t manage to achieve the desired result of yield for a long time. The cost of production was high. In 2015, «Agrocultura Mostyska» decided to try growing soybeans in their fields for the last time. But they used modern scientific technology for that. The result was the convincing argument in favor of continuing to produce soybeans in the future.

бубнов в«We have tried to set up production of soybean in western Ukraine for a long time. But all efforts were unsuccessful, – said Volodymyr Bubnov, «Agrocultura Mostyska». Finally, we decided to give the «last chance» to soy production – and we won! The company «AgriLab» helped us to achieve this goal. «AgriLab» conducted the field expertise. Our experts have been often abroad, where have adopted the experience of foreign farmers and have seen approach to farming in Europe and the US. The same approach in Ukraine was offered by company «AgriLab».

First, its experts carried out soil sampling with GPS-linked on 1,000 hectares of the field, which was planned for soybeans growing. After that, the soil samples were analyzed in the laboratory «Ward» in USA. The analysis showed that the problem – in soil pH. Optimum pH of soil acidity for soybeans – 6,2-8. Aсid soil, salinity soil or waterlogged soils are unfitted for soybeans.

After that was done the interpretation of the agrochemical analysis and mapping of the agrochemical soil properties. It became clear which areas of the field are more appropriate for soybeans growing. Also, «Agrocultura Mostyska» received recommendations as for complex fertilizer’s formula.

«Previously, we spent about €/ha 98 on soybean fertilization. After field expertise, became obviously, that we need to correct the nutrient ratio according to recommendations. So, we saved €/ha 14, – said Volodymyr Bubnov. We got the optimal formula of compound fertilizers, specifically for our field, which allowed to significantly save resources. The profitability of production increased on 3%, but the more important factor is that we excluded fields with low pH after a comprehensive field expertise. Eventually, we were pleasantly surprised by our harvest at the end of the project. So, now we will continue to produce soybeans on our fields».