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Review by Oleg Zapletnyuk, the Head of “BIOASPEKT” (Lviv region)

“Bioaspekt” – a successful manufacturer specializing in growing soybeans, which has one of the largest recycling plants in Ukraine. His ownership – 250 hectares of fields. “Bioaspekt” started cooperation with the company “AgriLab” to get the full information about the fields and to increase the crop yields.

agrilab bioaspektWe started work with the “AgriLab” in 2016 – says Oleg Zapletnyuk, director of “Bioaspekt”. Before that, another executor has done testing of soil, but the quality of his work was in doubt. So we decided to start cooperation with the company «AgriLab», about which have heard a lot of positive feedbacks.

Specialists of «AgriLab» conducted a comprehensive field expertise by our request. This service includes the soil sampling, agrochemical analysis, development cartograms and recommendations. Upon completion of work we have found that our field has a high acidity, potassium and organic deficiency and received qualified recommendations for soil indicators improving for growing soybeans and 2 additional crops in each field.

As a result of our collaboration, we have formulated a strategic vision of further actions for the next 2 years. So we are fully satisfied with the work of «AgriLab», as the company professionals have done every phase of services very responsibly – beginning from soil sampling and ending the creation of maps and providing of recommendations. We like everything: the quality of the work, promptness of professionals and presentation of submitted documents.

The «AgriLab» – this is a company that I will recommend to my colleagues for 100%. Keep it up – you’re on the right way! “