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Review by specialists of "Dibrova and K" (Vinnytsia region):

“Dibrava and K” cooperates with “AgriLab” from 2015. The reason for the start of joint work was the desire to efficiently use material and technical resources – namely fertilizers. The specialists of “AgriLab” conducted a complex research of the macro – and micro nutrients availability of soil.

2Talking about the results of of their work, Nicholai Bezobchuk, a Chief technologist of “Dibrova and K”, said: “Often, choosing mineral nutrition system for the crops, agronomists use normative method of selection of certain fertilizers – it means the nutrients consumption of macro- and micro elements. But knowing which of these elements and in what quantity is in the soil, we can significantly reduce the cost of mineral nutrition crops. So, we started work with “AgriLab” due to substantiation of entering mineral fertilizers. We like, that the sampling was conducted just mechanically (without the intervention of the human factor, which is very important). We also received detailed guidance and cartograms, which can be used in precision farming system later”.

1Dmitry Zulinskyy, commercial director of “Dibrova and K”, said: ” 1000 from 1339 hectares of our field were explored only in 2015. After all, the presence of NPK and micronutrients in soils was found. One of the results – is what we need to use less of potassium fertilizer on our fields. Now we can make fertilizer more precisely, based on derived indicators of nutrients. In 2016 were investigated the rest of 339 hectares, that completely covered our needs. Thanks to it, the growing crops on the farm was more cost-effective and profitable, and the return per hectare of arable land – has increased. So our company is satisfied with the work of “AgriLab.” I hope to continue our cooperation with them in the future“.