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Review of cooperation with "AGRILAB" from Yurii Kulyk, a chief agronomist of the Western Cluster «Agrogeneration Ukraine»:

kulyk-vidguk«Our cluster uses in tillage more than 40 thousand hectares, working in Lviv, Ternopil and Zhytomyr regions. Before this we worked by classic technology, using fertilizer, but decided to increase the cost effectiveness of these resources. Therefore, about a year has been cooperating with «AgriLab».

The main goal of this cooperation is carry out a full soil analysis to provide NPK, define the needs of rational fertilization at each of our agricultural crops.

This work has been carried out by their specialists professionally and qualitatively, we got needed objective results. After that, was rebuilt fertilization technology in our cluster. Our task was to use as much fertilizers, as needed for planned yield to have maximum profit.

Not maximum yield with high costs, but exactly optimal costs for the maximum profit from one hectare of crops.

The next important factor of cooperation with «AgriLab» was usage of inherent potential in the local soil, taking into account the characteristics of soil, their provision of macro-microelements, level of acidity.

The third stage of cooperation has become a technology of express analysis of nitrogen application at the feeding of winter crops.

For us is very important the understanding of available nitrogen being  for getting planned indexes of winter yield.

Now on the winter wheat we quickly use nitrogen fertilizers in those phases of plant development, when they need it most.

Today we can say, that due to the held work in our cluster was reduced costs for fertilizers about 10-15%. Count on our area and you will find that it is significant funds!