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Commentary of Andriy Skotnikov, an expert in the introduction of precision agriculture

Андрей Скотников

Andriy Skotnikov, an expert in the implementation of precision agriculture and agribusiness. He has over 20 years of experience of work in the agricultural sector, including 12 years of successful engineering and marketing activities in the Case IH and John Deere (USA).

Let’s learn in Americans

     Now it is a very difficult period in Ukraine. However, this period contributes to the development of new technologies, pushing towards the demonstration of its capabilities both in the internal and global market. There is no need to “reinvent the wheel.” Use the accumulated experience of farmers of the USA – the country which is agricultural market leader. The basic principle of precision agriculture is growing technology optimization and management production for each small area of the field. Thus, precision agriculture does not only save costs and raise productivity, but also protect the environment effectively.

    Today the efficient production of crops is impossible without precision agriculture.

     Nowadays borders for the movement of goods and services are almost opened. Because all manufacturers have to compete on a global level. There is no other choice. It means that those who works on a global level will be inevitably disolaced from the market.