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Expert commentary of Iaroslav Boiko

Ярослав Бойко, эксперт по внедрению точного земледелия и энергоэффективных технологий, кандидат с.-х. наук, член Международного общества по точному земледелию (ISPA) и его официальный представитель в Украине

Iaroslav Boiko, expert in the introduction of precision agriculture and energy saving technologies, Doctor of Agricultural Science, member of the International Society of Precision Agriculture (ISPA) and its official representative in Ukraine.

     Efficient farming begins with the standard of agriculture. In Ukraine traditionally agricultural production technologies are not adapted to local soil and climatic conditions or to the specialty of the feed crops. Process map is developed by agronomists of economies without the potential of a particular field. For example, an agronomist  uses a technology with one norm of applying on 4 thousand hectares, a hybrid corn (with the potential of yield over 10 tons per hectare), a typical pesticides protection . As the result yield is different in the fields – from 6 to 10 tons per hectare. Next year agronomist does not change the approach and has a different cost price. Such economy is not ready to use elements of precision agriculture, therefore, the following elements should be used when planning is worked in the field,  the basic requirements of the control of production processes are carried out. And only after that it is necessary to determine the heterogeneity and distribution of soil elements within fields, to use the tools of effective impact on resources (pesticides, seeds and fertilizers) and potential of fields.

    Practical results of introduction of precision technologies in Ukraine have showed that only reliable information about soil quality and field potential, providing proper application of technology, allows to reduce the amount of used resources by 20-30%.