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Sergiy Zotov, agronomist-technologist

IMG_0542 - погоджено   The rapid development of the agricultural sector in Ukraine in the middle of the last decade caused by fiscal incentive for farmers, gave the ability to import high-quality technique and new technologies of growing crops. The equipment, varieties and hybrids, the structure of sown areas and the approaches to technology have changed. But rising costs of resources and changing of climatic conditions have forced producers to save.

    Saving resources or using them effectively? These issues concern every manufacturer. There is a good saying of one wise man who is the chief and founder of one of Agro holding – “Do not be afraid of high costs, be afraid of low profits”.

     Today everyone understands that it is impossible to get profitable crops without fertilizers. That’s why all the manufacturers have their own system of fertilization that has been working for years but now it doesn’t work properly for many of them. One of the cost-based points in crops growing is mineral fertilizers. The savings on fertilizers is their efficient usage. It’s necessary to realize that the power system is not a panacea from the all issues, and it is the same element of the technology as a soil treatment and other elements that have to work in synergism. Adopting the experience of American and European farmers, who are leaders in the technology of growing crops including precision agriculture, we need to understand that proper and timely fertilization and balanced nutrition on each field is the first step towards precision agriculture.  There are no limits in improvement! Be ready! We will success. Good luck in the difficult agricultural business.

Sergiy Zotov, agronomist-technologist, many years of practical experience in “Rise Maksymko” and “Druzhba Nova.”