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“Thanks to agrochemical soil analysis, we optimized the system of fertilizer”- Mykola Nadtochiy.

The “Agrilab” company continues cooperating with “Svitanok” farming enterprise. This year, the economy has carried out the agrochemical soil analysis on the area of ​​1.1 thousand hectares. Mykola Nadtochiy, the founder of “Svitanok” farming enterprise, shared his first impressions and the results of new technology on the Field Day, July 3.


      Could you tell us about your farm briefly?

“Svitanok” farming enterprise was founded in 1991, since then we have been incresed from five hectares to 3.2 thousand hectares of land. Currently, the company employs 100 people, we are engaged in crop production and processing, for example, baking bread, sold in the region.

We grow six crops: wheat, barley, corn, soybeans, rape and sunflower. The sowing structure of each crop takes about 500-600 hectares. Due to this crop rotation we insure risks.

     When did you start practicing precision agriculture?

Thoroughly the world has discovered these technologies quite recently. But we try being up-to-date from the very beginning. Since 2002, we began to gradually introduce some elements of precision agriculture, in 2004 bought the seed drill, which was immediately upgraded.

In 2008 we started cooperating with the Agrilab staff, that had worked in Druzhba Nova company at that time. We were exchanging the experience in precision agriculture technologies, studying Green Star systems.

Last our expertise in the implementation of precision agriculture elements is agrodiagnosistic.

In some moment, we realized that first we must study the nature of the soil, and then to apply  something.

     How did you start your cooperation with the Agrilab company?

We started cooperation on 1.1 thousand hectares. They have opened our vision to many things. We had analyzed the soil ourselves, but it was a simple approach, it does not give answers to all our questions. In this case, the diagnosis and recommendation of Agrilab focused on precision agriculture, dosage fertilizing per square meter. What is land cultivated without knowing its needs? It’s all expenses. As a result, we can control the cost of production.

    Did you want to carry out analysis of all the lands?

Of course, we have agreed to carry out a survey of all fields till the end of the year.

     What did you understand after having known the results of agrochemical analysis?

Earlier fertilization was applied intuitively. We were actively saturating the soil with fertilizers, but still did not completely understand where it is necessary to apply them more, and where on the contrary – it is not necessary to apply them at all. Now the situation is completely cleared.

For example, in the field where we are, potassium is overweight, but it is not enough phosphorus for the planned productivity. Sulfur was also needed, but it was considered it was enough. Agrochemical analysis allowed us not to apply unnecessary fertilizers. The same potassium we would apply 100 kilograms, but stopped in time.

     How could you reduce the amount of fertilizing?

Approximately to 30%. And the fact is that the total cost of fertilizers is 30-40%.

Carring out the survey itself has paid off three times.

      What about productivity?

We demonstrate a good yield, for example, barley yielding is 7.5 tons per hectare. It is obvious that a lot of factors, knowledge of soil peculiarity based on agrochemical analysis influence the final results.