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Отзыв Юрій Борідченко, «Сигнет Холдинг»     Nowadays, even high school students are aware of the importance of the agrochemical field analysis. As an agronomist with a higher education and a rather big experience, I suggested the company management of Signet Holding carrying out such a survey on our fields. As I have known Sergei Gaidai and Iaroslav Boiko for a long time and known their successful experience in the Druzhba-Nova, we decided to apply to the Agrilab company.

     For today in Ukraine nobody has such an experience, a practical base and modern equipment. Several companies offer similar service, but they differ by inappropriate soil sampling methods and the results interpretation or significantly higher prices.

     Actually, we started our cooperation last year. Agrilab carried out a complex agrochemical soil survey on areas up to 15 thousands hectares with recommendations on optimal use of mineral fertilizers in the period of vegetation and providing the conventional yield. Unfortunately, this year, our farms in Zhytomyr, Vinnytsia and Khmelnytsky regions are located in the zone of very hard drought, which has not been observed, probably more than for 20 years. During the growing season we had less than 80 mm of rainfall.

    So we could not follow the recommendations fully, because of harsh weather conditions.

    At the same time due to analysis we optimized crop supplying. Before that we had a weighted average approach to this issue. Basing on the results of the survey, we carried out a differentiated application of fertilizers on each field. I am sure that if the optimal weather conditions were optimal, we would receive a significant increase of yields.

    Taking in the consideration the growth before May 20, when there were reserves of productive moisture, we recorded a significantly better start growth and development compared to previous years.