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    Прендюк Ярослав Анатолійович,генеральний директор ІСТАгроСервісWe have cooperated with AgriLab for three year. We started with complex agrochemical analysis on a new-leased land and identify the level of feed elements supply. We identified the need for phosphorus-potassium fertilizers, received recommendations for nitrogen fertilizer into the soil during the first year. Application rates of nitrogen fertilizer for top dressing of winter wheat have been optimized according to the results of analysis, and in most cases they have been significantly reduced. Due to the compilation of such calculations, in 2015 we saved about 2 million UAH for corn and 700 thousand UAH for winter wheat.

     There is a great variety of soils in some fields up to 20 species. We also have large and zonality of their location. Different types of soil require an individual approach, so for much variegated choose the so-called average rate of fertilizer application. On a homogeneous soil zone they are selected and analyzed. This helps to reach the targets of crop yields, which is very important for the stability of reference production. For example: one of the fields was traditionally believed that for sowing crops it is necessary to apply 70 kg of nitrogen in the active substance, and after the examination they have understood that the dose should be increased to 140 kg! At the same time there are plenty of other examples where instead of 150 kg of nitrogen in the active substance after obtaining the soil analysis results it is necessary to apply half the size.

    The work being done by the “AgriLab” company allows to properly adjust the need for fertilizers in the fields for the effective planned crop yield. On the area of ​​20 000 hectares, which is leased by our agricultural company, using the information received from the usage of satellite monitoring and the results of field agrodiagnostic we choose homogeneous arrays using agricultural technologies.

    For fertilizing of winter crops we use biomass distribution map on the fields.

    Agronomists of the company visually assess plant condition and define the plant density of productive stems in homogeneous areas. After the analysis for mineral nitrogen and sulfur level in the soil the experts of Agrilab and our specialists determine the conventional yield and calculate the economic practicability of the resource using. We determine which forms are the most appropriate and which forms of fertilizing will give maximum return on a particular field.

     During the agrochemical field diagnostic a complex approach to soil analysis is used at17 different indicators and develop recommendations for 3 crops.

    For example, soybeans, corn and wheat. Complex solution is important for us because such factors as the amount of rainfall and the amount of active temperatures aren’t reckoned in last years in districts.