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агрілаб львівWhat should be considered for creating an effective nutrition system? What technologies will help to optimize production? Where to find resources for sowing? How to minimize production risks? These and other questions were discussed by the experts of AgriLab, OKKO-Agrotrade and Raiffeisen Bank Aval with farmers in Lviv during the seminar “Sowing 2018: the Grounds for Success”. The event took place in Lviv with the support of the Department of Agricultural Development of Lviv State Administration.

“Soil analysis is the foundation for creating an effective nutrition system. Knowing what elements are available in the ground and which – not, you can increase resource efficiency by 15% or more. Therefore, the sowing company should begin with agro-chemical analysis of the soil,” said Volodymyr Mahota, chief agri-chemist at AgriLab.

“Soil analysis is very important during sowing”, – said Volodymyr Bubnov, deputy director of the Agricultura Mostyska company. His company tried in vain to achieve planned yields for soy for several years. The reasons for this problem and the ways of its solution were found only after the complex field expertise.

“Previously, we spent about €/ha 98 on soybean fertilization. After field expertise, became obviously, that we need to correct the nutrient ratio according to recommendations. So, we saved €/ha 14, – said Volodymyr Bubnov. We got the optimal formula of compound fertilizers, specifically for our field, which allowed to significantly save resources. The profitability of production increased on 3%, but the more important factor is that we excluded fields with low pH after a comprehensive field expertise. Eventually, we were pleasantly surprised by our harvest at the end of the project”.

Also, during the seminar, were discussed nitrogen nutrition of plants, stages of the implementation of precision farming technologies and the conditions of forward and credit programs. Roman Kavetsky, head of the department of agro-industrial development of the Yavoriv district state administration, said: “During the event, farmers found out a lot of interesting and useful information. It’s good that such events take place,” and Pavel Muzika, President of the Lviv Agrarian Chamber, emphasized the importance of technological support for the development of farming, which will ensure a balanced economic development of farms and rural areas in general.

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