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Sergey Chizhik, CEO "Vitchizna" (Summy region)

Сергій Чижик“Vitchizna”  is a modern multi-branch enterprise, well-known in the agrarian community with its innovative approach to business. The company is spesialized in animal husbandry – holds more than 1000 heads of cattle, plant growing – has about 13 thousand hectares, and also has its own elevators. And in all of these spheres of activity, “Vityazina” is among the leaders in Ukraine.

By introducing the latest technology, the company proves that any goal can be reached if you go to it on the right track. And in the field of crop production this one way is precision agriculture.

“The main argument “why do we need it” is that, in order to make the best decision, we must be guided by precise calculations, that will allow us to optimize and reduce costs. The principle of “average temperature in the ward” is out of date and goes back to the past. We know what we need to do, when and how much. And this became possible only due to the full analysis of the soil, the history of temperatures and precipitation, a new approach to the differentiated fertilizer application, etc. “- said Sergey Chizhik, General Director of Vitchizna LLC.

This view of the manager is completely shared by all the company’s specialists, because the advantages of introducing innovative technologies are obvious. “Vitchizna was at such a stage of technological development, when the question arose about the transition to precision farming,” said Bogdan Savenkov, chief agronomist of Vitimizhia LLC. By this time, we used autopilots from the elements of precision farming and the automatic disconnection of the sections on the drills and sprayers. But the further, we realized that this was not enough. And thus they came to the idea of ​​individual work with each field, taking into account the content of nutrients in the soil and the variety of their distribution.”

Богдан СавенковIn 2016, Vitchizna began cooperation with AgriLab. And the first step in the joint work was the implementation of a comprehensive field agro-diagnostics, which includes the automatic selection of soil with GPS-binding, extended soil analysis, the determination of weather and climate characteristics of the area, the assessment of the natural potential of the field and the determination of its critical factors. As a result, AgriLab has developed recommendations for a planned culture for each field. Agrochemical field diagnostics became convenient, and most importantly – an effective tool for the further activity of the manufacturer.

“To date, we see the field not only outside, but also its internal content. Using satellite monitoring maps, we can see how it affects the development of plant, for example, the degree of soil acidity or the content of a particular element of nutrition. And next year the system of nutrition is being developed taking into account these indicators, “said Bogdan Savenkov.

The next step in the cooperation between Vitchizna and AgriLab was the re-equipment of technic for the introduction of precision farming elements.

“Realizing that now, in order to work with the field and to align its heterogeneity, we need new tools, we, together with Agrilab, converted John Deere 730 seeding complex for differentiated application of mineral fertilizers. In plans, – shared Bogdan Savenkov – the purchase of a spreader, working with task maps. In my opinion, precision farming – is the future, which will allow you to reach the level of the optimal crop at minimal cost. And Agrilab is a good assistant in moving our company to a higher level of agriculture”.