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Petro Grigoriev, CEO of “Agroexpert Trade”(Kherson region)

Agroexpert trade“Agroexpert Trade” was one of the first, that tried to grow asparagus in Ukraine. The company was founded in 2014. “Agroexpert Trade” has grown oil and grain on fields in the Kherson region, and in 2016 they decided to try assay strength with niche crops. The problem was that asparagus is new crop for Ukrainian farmers, so theory and practice of its cultivation are not enough.

There are no information on how to grow asparagus in domestic infosphere. It was extremely difficult to get qualified recommendations. At the start we decided to analyze the soil for play it safe, because the seedlings of asparagus are expensive”, Petro Grigoriev, CEO of the company “Agroexpert Trade”, say. “Previously, we selected samples ourselves, packed them in envelopes and sent for analysis in the Netherlands. But the results were still incomplete. At one of the forums, colleagues advised the AgriLab. It was the start of our cooperation.

At Agroexpert Trade fields AgriLab has conducted the comprehensive agro-diagnostics according to its own methodology in accordance with European quality standards. The first, soil samples were selected with anchoring to GPS. Then, agrochemical indicators were analyzed in the Ward laboratory, with which the company collaborates. Also, a climatic day-to-day analysis of temperature and precipitation over the past 10 years has been conducted, as well as maps analysis. Also the potential and critical field factors were identified. Based on these data, specialists from AgriLab developed recommendations for asparagus growing on the Agroexpert Trade’ fields.

asparagusThe specialists of AgriLab have recommended us to turn up the soil with a excavating plow, because our soils are quite heavy. Subsequently, specialists from Netherland, in which we took the experience, confirmed that this decision was very good, – Petro Grigoriev say. – An analysis of the soil was also important. We found out which nutrient are in the deficit, and which are enough for asparagus. In our fertilizer system, we increased the proportion of phosphate fertilizers and magnesium. Also we used quite a lot of organic fertilizers, which are necessarily for asparagus. Although were recommended to applicate 100 t / ha, we increased this rate to 160 t / ha with a prospect for 3-4 years. In general, the analysis of the soil was successful for agronomy, as well as for economy. In the end, after taking into account all of AgriLab ‘s recommendations, 95% of the asparagus crops have taken root and its great”.

Agroexpert Trade minimized the risks of a new crop growing by applying a scientific approach and professional recommendations. So now it’s time to wait for the harvest.